March 1, 2017

Tokyo's New Place to Go! Akabane-Jujo


Just a 15-minute train ride from central Tokyo, this area is attracting young people and tourists with its retro charm and bargain prices.



Marumasuya Izakaya (Japanese-style pub) in business for more than 70 years. Serves food and drinks starting at 9:30 AM. Famous for its unagi (eel) and koi (carp) dishes.


Maruken Suisan In business for 50 years serving oden (deep-fried fish patties, vegetables, etc. simmered in soy sauce). Try the signature "dashiwari" drink-order a cup of sake, and when you're almost done, ask to have some oden broth added to it.


Kobuna Embroidery Shop Embroidery shop in business for more than 50 years. Experienced artisans produce fine workmanship on hats, patches, and more.


Hotel Ichinichi Boutique hostel opened in 2015 offering mainly dormitory-style lodgings. Chic interiors, comfort, space, and reasonable rates.


Toridai Popular purveyor of poultry and 70 different ready-to-eat foods. Low prices and a tasty menu-especially the signature minced chicken balls at just 10 yen apiece.

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1) Marumasuya
Address: 1-17-7 Akabane, Kita-ku
2) Maruken Suisan
Address: 1-22-8 Akabane, Kita-ku
3) Kobuna Embroidery Shop
Address: 1-65-9 Akabane, Kita-ku
4) Hotel Ichinichi
Address: 1-32-4 Akabane, Kita-ku
5) Toridai
Address: 1-4-11 Jujo-Nakahara, Kita-ku


Sozai Miyahara
Address: 1-24-12 Jujo-Nakahara, Kita-ku
Aozora Clothing
Address: 1-5-10 Jujo-Nakahara, Kita-ku
Music Shop Dan
Address: 4-5-25 Higashi-Jujo, Kita-ku
Higajyu Bagel
Address: 2-3-9 Higashi-Jujo, Kita-ku
Address: 3-16-15 Higashi-Jujo, Kita-ku
Address: 2-21-1 Higashi-Jujo, Kita-ku


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Jennifer Julien

French food and wine promoter. I also organize gourmet tours in Japan and France.
When did you first come to Japan?:
I arrived in 1998.
Reason for coming to Japan:
I had the opportunity to come as a Coordinator of International Relations to improve my Japanese. I had planned to stay for a year, but -- it's been 19 years already and I'm still here!