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TOKYO EYE 2020 presents the kaleidoscopic appeal of the amazing metropolis that will host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. What are the must-see locations for a first-time visitor? Where are the hottest attractions? Tokyo insiders check out the latest and greatest things to see and do, then chat with host Chris Peppler about a city that's constantly evolving.


Chris Peppler
TV, Radio Personality
Nationality: USA
After graduating from an international high school in Tokyo, Japan, Chris spent his college life in California, USA. After returning to Japan, he worked as a video producer for an advertising company. Taking advantage of doing narration in his own videos, he decided to pursue doing voice-overs professionally, making the most of his appealing voice and bilingual ability. With the chance to work as a DJ on an FM radio program, he made a brilliant debut with his pleasant talk and wealth of music knowledge. In October 1988, when J-WAVE was established, he was selected as a main personality. Since then, Chris has been playing an active role in entertainment, not only as a DJ, but as a narrator, TV personality, anchor, and actor.