Tokyo Share Houses: The Latest in Communal Living
Share houses -- places that offer communal living -- are gaining fresh attention due to the pandemic. Today, we explore the latest trends, meet people enjoying the share house life, and discover the communities that are emerging from these spaces.

Large share house with pandemic-preventative measures

A share house that opened in April of 2021 during the pandemic. It's built like a hotel, complete with a large lounge, cafe space and other shared spaces with 150 seats. There are also facilities for remote work and a gym. With multiple places for residents to spread out, close quarters are avoided.

International exchange share house

A share house with a good balance of international and Japanese residents living together, allowing for cultural exchange. Japanese people can improve their English, and international residents can make friends with Japanese people and experience the Japanese lifestyle.

Africa-Japan exchange share house

The idea behind this share house is to connect Africa and Japan. It opened in August 2021. Although the current residents are only Japanese, in the future, Africans will also live there, making it a place where people can feel at home in Japan. It's also used as a venue for Africa-related events, providing a place for exchange.