Tokyo and the Coronavirus: Robots on the March
It's not just humanity fighting the pandemic: robots are joining in too! They're helping out by disinfecting buildings, acting as waitstaff at restaurants, and much more. There's even a cute robot helping people get rid of pandemic stress. Let's dive into Tokyo's robot revolution.

Autonomous robots

A series of autonomous robots developed by a Japanese manufacturer. The series includes one that can hold a passenger, one that delivers packages and one that patrols and disinfects. Their high level of tech means they may be able to help reduce infections during the pandemic.

Pet robot

A popular robot that imparts warmth to human users. Thanks to deep learning technology, the robot becomes attached to its users through hugging and touching, just like a living pet, and responds to its owners in various ways. During the pandemic, when human contact has decreased, the robots are proving to be a popular source of soul-soothing relief.