Tokyo and the Coronavirus: The New Shape of Home
In Tokyo, social businesses are giving a whole new shape to home life. They're creating affordable housing for those facing hardship, and devising "stockpiles" of unique new structures for disaster aid. Let's see how these efforts are progressing even in the midst of a pandemic.

Kyosei House Nishi-Ikebukuro

A shared house that opened in 2020. Despite its location in a busy part of Tokyo, rent is less than half the average because it is located in a previously unoccupied house. It is part of a new project to offer affordable housing to those experiencing hardship, including the elderly or those with disabilities.

Standby League Hotel

A hotel that opened in 2020 built from several mobile wooden homes that can be transported by truck. In case a disaster occurs, the hotel can be broken down and transported to the affected area to serve as emergency housing. The goal of its creators is to stockpile accommodation in the same way we stockpile emergency food and water, and have high-quality housing available to disaster victims quickly.