Tokyo and the Coronavirus: Hotels Fight for Survival
The hotel business has taken a huge hit during the pandemic. That includes reasonably priced hotels popular with tourists from abroad, which are virtually on hiatus. Today, we find out how Tokyo hotels are fighting for survival by embracing new ideas.


A long-standing ryokan, or Japanese inn, in Tokyo's Hongo neighborhood. Due to the pandemic, its number of guests from abroad dropped sharply. In response, it promoted a variety of special packages to attract domestic guests. Extremely popular is its "writer confinement package," in which guests can pretend to be a writer on deadline confined to a hotel by a publisher. There are even actors to play your editors, who cheer you on or catch you when you try to escape!

Hotel English lessons (Super Hotel Premier)

This hotel near Tokyo Station has partnered with an online English conversation school. For those having trouble concentrating on their studies at home, they offer an intensive three-day online English learning program that takes place in their hotel rooms.

Luxury Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado

In November 2020, this capsule hotel near Shinjuku Station converted its 4th floor into a remote workspace. It removed the dividers between top and bottom capsules to create miniature work rooms. Rental of supplies like monitors and keyboards, and drinks with free refills, are available at no additional charge.