Tokyo and the Coronavirus: The Power of Nourishment
The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we eat. With fewer visits to restaurants and more meals at home, people in Tokyo have started to think about food in a whole new way. Today we discover some new ways that food is nourishing both our bodies and minds.

Hands-On Farming Workshops

A workshop in which participants can experience a year of farming, from planting to harvesting, under the instruction of farmers. Started about 20 years ago in Nerima, Tokyo in order to help educate Tokyoites about urban farms. At present, due to the pandemic, more people are working from home or have time off from school. That means more are participating in the workshops. Many say the workshops have helped them gain a better understanding of what food really is.

Produce Delivery

This produce wholesaler with a 70-year history sells to some 1,000 eateries throughout Tokyo -- but due to the pandemic, many of those eateries paused operations, and the wholesaler's sales dropped. They decided to team up with a newspaper distributor to sell their produce directly to consumers. They cut costs by using existing newspaper distribution channels, and the new system also benefited the newspaper distributor. Consumers were also happy to get fresh produce at reasonable prices. The result was a new sales network that may be here to stay.