Tokyo and the Coronavirus: Amabie vs. the Pandemic
In Japan, the coronavirus pandemic has brought new attention to a Japanese creature or Yokai, called Amabie, who's said to protect against plagues. Thanks to social media, drawing images of Amabie has become a new trend. Let's find out more about this mysterious creature.

Kintaro-ame Honten

The originator of Kintaro-ame: candy etched with illustrations. These popular candies feature everything from the traditional Japanese character Kintaro to Tokyo landmarks like TOKYO SKYTREE to Asakusa's Kaminarimon. The pandemic inspired this place to create Amabie candy too.

Tsukada Kobo

A manufacturer of Edo Kimekomi dolls. These dolls are made from a foundation of sawdust and paste and are affixed with kimono. They're known for their cute, palm-sized shape. This place made Amabie dolls and started a #AmabieChallenge hashtag.