Tokyo and the Coronavirus: A Virtual Tour of Asakusa
Asakusa is one of Tokyo's most popular tourist destinations. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, visits to Asakusa are down, and the neighborhood is feeling the pinch. At the same time, it's using the situation as a chance to get inventive. This time, we take a virtual tour of Asakusa from our studio to see how things are going.

Kimuraya Honten

Asakusa's oldest shop for Ningyoyaki, a traditional cake stuffed with Anko, sweet Azuki beans. Founded in 1868, it's been passed down through the generations ever since. Has 4 types named after 4 Asakusa sights: the Kaminarimon lantern, the five-story pagoda, the deity Raijin and the pigeon.

Sumida River Walk and Tokyo Mizumachi

New sightseeing and shopping spots located in the riverside area around the Sumida River and TOKYO SKYTREE. The former is a walking bridge over the Sumida River, while the latter is a shopping street featuring restaurants, lodging and more. Both opened in June 2020.

Tsujiya Honten

This maker of traditional Japanese footwear was founded in 1912. The shop's artisans create original wooden clogs (geta) and sandals (zori) based on measurements of your feet. The shop has now implemented an online system in which customers can visit and purchase items virtually.