Tokyo and the Coronavirus: The Spirit of Local Factories
Tokyo's small, independent factories supply parts for manufacturers in Japan and around the world. But many of these factories are feeling the pinch due to the coronavirus. Today, we'll see how the artisans at these factories are using craftsmanship and innovation to overcome and even improve the situation.

Jonan Murata

A small factory founded in 1949. Based in Ota City, home to over 3,500 small-scale factories, it's known for its superior techniques. The factory produces molds for gift boxes of chocolates, cookies and other sweets. In June 2020, it began producing face shields, and gave away almost 17,000 to medical facilities and other places in need. It is now improving those face shields and preparing them for sale.

Seiko Packing

A small factory founded in 1961 that specializes in producing precision parts for cars and electronics using die cutting. Using its technology and techniques, it has produced the world's thinnest silicone rubber bands. Being thin, light and easy on the ears, these bands are perfect for creating homemade masks, which made them a hit on social media during the coronavirus outbreak.