Live Music in Tokyo!
From rock to jazz to pop to indie, Tokyo has it all when it comes to live music. And it has plenty of spots to enjoy that music, from giant concert halls to edgy underground venues. This time, we show you how to crank your Tokyo experience up to 11.

Shimokitazawa Shelter

A pioneering Shimokitazawa live venue that opened in 1991. Features largely young artists from a variety of genres such as pop, hardcore, grunge, ska-punk and more.

Muryoku Muzenji

A mysterious live venue in Koenji, a neighborhood known for music. With its strange wall-to-wall decorations and its lack of distinction between pro and amateur musicians, this place offers a unique live experience. Aside from music, it also sometimes features plays, original dances and more.


A long-running jazz bar in Asagaya, a neighborhood associated with jazz. Hosts live jazz sessions every Friday and Saturday featuring pro musicians who play many styles and genres.

Kazunoya Oiwake

A live venue not far from Asakusa's Sensoji Temple that features traditional Japanese music like Minyo folk songs or pieces played on the shamisen. The performers are largely made up of young musicians who have experience in nationwide competitions, which makes for lively, rousing performances throughout the year.