Diving into Tokyo's Secondhand World
What comes to mind when you hear the word "secondhand"? Right now, a fresh interest in secondhand items is helping put a whole new spin on the world of previously-owned goods! Prepare to have your definition of "secondhand" blown away!

Oedo Antique Market

A market with 250 sellers offering a variety of antiques typical of Japan. From everyday goods to fine art, there is a wide selection, and looking through it all can feel like a treasure hunt. Offering an easy way for even beginners to get into antiques, it's popular with tourists from overseas. Open the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month.


An antique shop run by French owner Yvan Trousselle. Features precious items like porcelain, chests, Buddhist statues and tea-making implements made a century ago or more. These items help you feel a connection to the artisanship of Japan's past. Fans from all over the world come to see Yvan's carefully-selected lineup.

Super Potato Akihabara

A secondhand video game store featuring retro games from the dawn of console gaming some 30 years ago. Has many rare games that are now quite valuable, causing many nostalgic gamers from around the world to flock here.

Recycle Kimono Fukufuku Kagurazaka

A secondhand kimono shop featuring high-grade silk kimonos, obi belts with hand-dyed patterns and more. Offers traditionally-produced kimonos of high quality for reasonable prices, and helps newcomers dip their toes into the sometimes intimidating world of kimono.