The Soundscapes of Tokyo
This time, we're not so much TOKYO EYE as TOKYO EAR. That's because we're setting out to discover the various sounds of the city. More than just the screeching of trains and cars, Tokyo's soundscape is vast and varied. Let's hear some more!

Ueno Park

A large, 530,000-square meter park in Ueno. Its temple, Kan'ei-ji, houses a bell set up in 1666 that sounded in the Edo period to let citizens know the time of day. In an age without clocks or watches, it served a vital role. These days, the bell rings 3 times a day.

Yagiri no Watashi

A wooden ferry that connects Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture across the Edogawa River. It has been making the journey for some 400 years, and has served a key role for those making their way to the Shibamata temple of Taishakuten. At present, it is Tokyo's only such river-crossing ferry. The trip takes about 5 minutes, during which one can hear and experience a unique atmosphere.

Holy Resurrection Cathedral

A church first built in 1891, and a registered brick-built Important Cultural Property. Beloved as a symbol of Ochanomizu. Before prayers each Sunday, it rings a series of 16 bells. Church visits also possible.