Trending Tokyo Foods
Tokyo is a gourmet wonderland, and new things to eat are popping up all the time. From sweets almost too cute to eat; to a classic Tokyo bread undergoing a renaissance; and even cross-cultural cooking classes, we bite into Tokyo's latest food trends.

Maison Able Cafe Ron Ron

A sweets shop where the desserts rotate like conveyor belt sushi. Offers over 20 items on a 40-minute all-you-can-eat course. Some dishes change depending on the season. The interior design is cute and incredibly photogenic.

Yoshida Pan

The shop that started Tokyo's current trend centered around a kind of bread called Koppe Pan. The soft bread is filled with ingredients right before your eyes. Features over 30 selections, and the ability to customize your bread.

Iyoshi Cola

A craft cola made with an original recipe that uses over 15 spices and herbs. Also features kola nuts, which gave cola its name, and herbal medicine. On weekends, the cola's maker sells it around town in a food truck.


A cooking class platform that started in April 2018. Connects foreign visitors with Japanese hosts who want to teach Japanese-style cooking in their homes. So far, used participants from over 50 countries and regions. Started a vegetarian and vegan-centric platform in October 2018.