Chilling Out in Ebisu
Just one station from Shibuya, Ebisu is a lively area that's home to unique museums, a relaxing public bath, bustling nightlife, and much more. Trendy yet down-to-earth, Ebisu is the perfect place to chill out!

Museum of Yebisu Beer

This museum introduces Ebisu's homegrown beer brand and its history in a fun way. English-language tours will be available from May 2019. Visitors can learn about events related to the beer and try out several types during a tasting.


This 100-year-old public bathhouse underwent a renovation and had its grand reopening at the end of 2018. Its baths are filled with soft water that's gentle on the skin. Make sure to appreciate the art on both the outer and inner walls. Also hosts various events.

Ebisu Yokocho

A lively, popular spot in Ebisu that's packed with patrons each night. 20 unique food and drink shops line this small indoor alleyway. You can even have dishes from neighboring establishments delivered right to your seat.