The Techniques of Sumo

In sumo, there are 82 kimarite, or match winning techniques and 5 non-techniques or way to lose, all defined by Japan Sumo Association. You can learn the most frequently used techniques with videos.


Okuri-nage/Rear throw down

Okuri-taoshi/Rear push down

Okuri-hikiotoshi/Rear pull down

Nimai-geri/Ankle kicking twist down

Ipponzeoi/One-armed shoulder throw

Kubi-hineri/Head twisting throw

Kaina-hineri/2 handed arm twist down

Osakate/Backward twisting over arm throw

Saba-ori/Forward force down

Sokubiotoshi/Head chop down

Hikkake/Arm grabbing force out

Harimanage/Backwards belt throw

Amiuchi/The fishermans throw

Makiotoshi/Twist down

Kotehineri/Arm locking twist down

Tokkuri-nage/ 2-handed head twist down

Suso-harai/Rear foot sweep

Susotori /Toe pick

Ashitori/Leg pick

Shitatehineri/ Twisting underarm throw

Uwatehineri/ Twisting over arm throw

Uchimusou/ Inner thigh propping twist down

Sotomusou/ Outer thigh propping twist down

Sakatottari/ Arm bar throw counter

Tottari/ Arm bar throw

Watashikomi/ Thigh grabbing push down

Sotokomata/ Over thigh scooping body drop

Omata/ Thigh scooping body drop

Mitokorozeme/ Triple attack force out

Kozumatori/ Ankle pick

Tsumatori/ Rear ankle pick

Katasukashi/ Under shoulder swing down

Okuridashi/ Rear push out

Tsuridashi/ Frontal lift out

Okuri-tsuridashi/ Rear lift out

Tsuriotoshi/ Frontal lifting body slam

Okuri-tsuriotoshi/ Rear lifting body slam

Kawazugake/ Hooking backward counter-throw

Chongake/ Pulling heel hook

Kakenage/ Hooking inner thigh throw

Nichonage/ Body drop throw

Kubinage/ Head lock throw

Kekaeshi/ Minor inner foot sweep

Komatasukui/ Over thigh scooping body drop

Ketaguri/ Pulling inside ankle sweep

Kirikaeshi/ Twisting backward knee trip

Sotogake/ Outside leg trip

Uchigake/ Inside leg trip

Hatakikomi/ Slap down

Hikiotoshi/ Hand pull down

Tsukiotoshi/ Thrust down

Shitatedashinage/ Pulling underarm throw

Uwatedashinage/ Pulling over armthrow

Sukuinage/ Beltless armthrow

Kotenage/ Arm lock throw

Shitatenage/ Underarm throw

Uwatenage/ Over arm throw

Abisetaoshi/ Backward force down

Yoritaoshi/ Frontal crush out

Yorikiri/ Frontal force out

Oshitaoshi/ Frontal push down

Oshidashi/ Frontal push out

Tsukitaoshi/ Frontal thrust down

Tsukidashi / Frontal thrust out