Fostering Indonesian Farming Entrepreneurial Skills: Fukui, Japan *RERUN
Taya Toru runs a farm in Fukui Prefecture, in central Japan. 6 young people from Indonesia work there as technical interns, acquiring skills and laying the foundations for their future dreams. But they're learning more than Japanese farming techniques. Taya was a youth volunteer in Indonesia's farming villages and studied rural sociology at Indonesia's agricultural university. He wants his trainees to return home and become local leaders. Alongside the farm work he's also helping them draw up business plans that draw on their earnings during their 3 years in Japan. Meet the young Indonesians planning for the future as they work, and the man ensuring their efforts will bear fruit.
The young trainees working to fulfill their future dreams
Studying business in between farm work
An intern who'll inherit his family's dairy farm researches a Japanese cowshed
Taya stays in touch with former interns now running their own businesses in Indonesia