Our Own Way: Rwanda
In the 24 years since it was devastated by a campaign of genocide, Rwanda has staged a remarkable recovery. It has been hailed as "Africa's economic miracle." However, aside from highways and other main arteries, most roads are still unpaved. There are 2 rainy seasons a year, and during those times the roads often become impassable, which can make life very difficult. This March, a Japanese non-profit called Community Road Empowerment (CORE) began a road improvement initiative in Rwanda. Their groundbreaking method uses sandbags -- fill bags with soil, line them up evenly, and pound them down, and the result is just as strong as concrete. And because the technique is relatively simple, local communities can fix their own roads without any special training. Over the past decade, CORE has supported the repair and improvement of over 150 kilometers of road in 25 countries. We follow a Japanese non-profit working hard with young Rwandans who are eager to forge their own future.