Connecting Ukraine, Poland, and Japan
After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, over 3.2 million people, largely women and children, fled to Poland. Government budgets are stretched thin, and many civilian volunteers are providing support. Japanese international student Azuma Yugo lives in the border town of Katowice with his fiancée Marta. The couple has offered their home to evacuating families, and delivers food and supplies to other evacuees in the town. As the war continues, they've begun working with a Polish NGO to set up a childcare center with the goal of helping evacuee mothers achieve independence. We follow them on their quest to support the Ukrainian people.
Over 3.2 million people have fled Ukraine to Poland, and many are living in temporary accommodation facilities such as this refugee center
Azuma Yugo and his fiancée Marta have taken on volunteer activities to support the evacuees
The couple is looking to open a childcare center to support Ukrainian mothers seeking independence, with support from a local NGO