Digital Solutions for Healthcare Access: Nepal *RERUN
In Nepal, the average life expectancy is 71 years, and 3% of infants die before the age of 5. Contributing factors are poor access to sufficient medical care in mountainous and remote areas and medical records that are often mistreated or lost, asking doctors to perform without their patients' accurate treatment history. To improve this situation, a Japanese NPO ASHA, led by President Nin Yoshifumi, teams up with a local NGO and IT company to develop a medical app to protect people's health. This program follows their operation taking off in a remote area 400 kilometers from the capital.
ASHA and Karma's medical questionnaire app
Unpaved roads contribute to poor medical access
A community health worker checks up using their app
Bishal Chaudhary of Karma Health cooperating with ASHA
IT company AYATA partners with ASHA in app development