Yufuin: A Relaxing Spa Town *RERUN
The spa town of Yufuin in Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu is one of Japan's most well-known hot spring resorts. However, long ago, the town had no tourist industry. The quietness of the town is still its biggest asset. Locals have planted trees along the Yufuin's avenues to provide more greenery and have worked continuously to preserve the town's scenic beauty. The town attracts around 4 million visitors per year. Today, an increasing number of foreign tourists, mainly from Southeast Asian countries, visit the town. With its relaxing spa waters and welcoming locals, this is the story of the spa town of Yufuin.

Lake Kinrin

This is Lake Kinrin. Hot springs pour into this lake, bringing the water temperature to nearly 30 degrees Celsius. On cold mornings, vapor rises from the surface of the lake. The mist then spreads throughout the Yufuin basin. The morning mists of Yufuin are well known throughout Japan. The mists cover the entire town, as if seeking to hide a treasured secret.

Yunotsubo Avenue

There are around 100 stores on Yunotsubo Avenue, which people visit to enjoy light snacks and sweets. The avenue is known for its sawtooth oak trees. The trees grow quickly, and are slow to shed their leaves in winter. Many visitors to Yufuin find their own oasis in the shade of these trees. All of the shops along the Yunotsubo Avenue are built in the style of the area's traditional old farmhouses.

The Beef-Eating Screaming Competition

In this simple event, contestants go up into the mountains, eat local beef, and shout as loud as they can into a decibel meter. The event began in 1975. It is held every year in October. Under the blue skies, in the clear mountain air, visitors enjoy local beef and shout to their hearts' content. The event is frequently featured in the media, and every year draws a crowd of around 800 people.