Hiroshima: A City of Seven Rivers *RERUN
Hiroshima Prefecture, in western Japan, is on the coast of the Inland Sea. It is known as the City of Seven Rivers and wherever you go, you always reach the riverside. The city sits on a delta formed by sediment carried down by the rivers towards the sea. The rivers pass through the city on their journey down from the fertile Chugoku Mountains, and enrich not just the lives, but the hearts of the local people.

105 Bridges on Seven Rivers

A pleasing feature of the City of Seven Rivers is the large number of bridges. There are a total of 105. This is Tenma Bridge crossing the Tenma River, which is open only to trams and pedestrians. Long ago, there were many such bridges, but this is the only one left. Kyobashi is one of the oldest bridges. In Japan's samurai era, it was the starting point of the road connecting Hiroshima to Kyoto. Kohei Bridge is the city's only suspension bridge, built around 120 years ago by Japan's army. Perhaps something wonderful is waiting just over the river.

The Water Taxis

During spring, the banks of Hiroshima's rivers are a colorful profusion of blossoms. Some areas are surprisingly natural for the middle of a city. The island in the middle of the river is paradise for the herons. In Hiroshima's rivers, water taxis are often more convenient than traveling by car. There are about 400 quays and docks along the rivers. As well as taking tourists, the boats are also used by local people going to school or to work. Riding in the water taxi is a great way to discover new sides of the city.

The Local Taste: Japanese Anchovy

Hiroshima is famous for its oysters, fed by the nutrients flowing from the rivers. Oysters have been farmed in Hiroshima for more than 4 centuries. Another popular local dish is sashimi made from Japanese anchovy. Up until about 30 years ago, Japanese anchovy were brought ashore near to the mouth of the Enko River, where vendors filled the streets selling the fish from carts from dawn to dusk. Some of them reportedly made a fortune. The fish, which are cheap and delicious, are a long-standing favorite of local people.