Boso Peninsula: A Carpet of Flowers *RERUN
One of the leading flower producing areas in Japan is on the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture, located next to Tokyo. Thanks to the warm Black Current from the south, the climate here is warm, and is suitable for growing flowers. In the old days, women cultivated the mountains and began growing flowers, while praying for the safety of men fishing at sea. In this episode, we visit the Boso Peninsula in its most beautiful season, where we will see flowers and meet the locals.

Flower Gardens of Shiramazu

20 farmers grow flowers in fields of about 3 hectares in the Shiramazu district in the town of Chikura. Tourists can buy flowers directly from the flower farmers here. They plant seedlings in different times to constantly supply flowers to tourists during the high season of January to March. Extra care is taken to make sure the stems grow straight. Some customers come by at the same time every year, not only to buy the flowers but also to see the faces of the farmers.

Canola Blossoms: Flowering on the Railways

Through the middle of the Boso Peninsula runs a local train line, the Kominato Railway. About 10 years ago, employees of the railway and local residents started to sow flower seeds near the tracks. They have worked together to keep the flowers blossoming. The train passes through flower-filled scenery. Canola blossoms cover the whole area in yellow.

Calendula: Mountain-bred Flowers

Spring in Japan is the season of departure. At schools in the town of Wada, graduation ceremonies are always decorated with calendula flowers. It was in the 1950s when flower farming became popular in this area. People's lives had improved, and flowers were beginning to sell at a high price. In order to grow more flowers, women went deeper into the mountains expanding their fields. Today calendula from Chiba accounts for 80% of the whole of Japan.