Ice Monsters: The Mountains of Zao *RERUN
The stark, beautiful, volcanic mountains of Zao are a natural wonder of the Tohoku region. They have brought great blessings to the local population and also fostered fierce endurance. The striking Okama crater, frozen trees of winter, hot springs and other natural glories draw 1.2 million people annually to their famed resorts. The cool air of late autumn is meanwhile perfect for drying persimmons. We also introduce the fabulous ski slopes leading through those frozen trees, depicting the distinctive attractions of the people and their customs and the stunning scenery.

The Zao Range
The program this time visits the volcanoes of Zao which stretch for 14km from northwest to southeast. The main peaks from the north are Ryuzan (1,362.1m), Torikabutoyama (1,380m), Jizosan (1,736m), Kumanodake (1,841m), Kattadake (1,758m), Sugigamine (1,745.3m), Byobudake (1,817m) and Fubosan (1,705.3m).

The Frozen Trees
The frozen trees are at their best in January and February. They are illuminated at night in the season for roughly 50 days.
Drying persimmons
Persimmons hung out to dry