Kujukuri: The Endless Beach *RERUN
Just over an hour away from Tokyo the beautiful beach of Kujukuri stretches some 60km along Japan's Pacific coast. Villages along the beach grew prosperous through fishing from the shore for Japanese sardines. These days, fishermen go out into the bay in small boats, using nets up to 1,000m long to chase the anchovy shoals. A single one of these nets can collect up to 40 tons of fish, making the sardine fisheries of Kujukuri-hama Japan's largest catch.

The Common Orient Clam

Clam fishing is permitted along the extensive beach only during the 3 months of summer. Family members who fish together for sardines during the rest of the year work alone when it comes to the clam season. They use handmade equipment to dig the clams from the sand as they come in close to the shore during the hot summer.

Kujukuri-hama Marathon

Kujukuri-hama's extreme length makes it an ideal venue for long-distance running events. A major event held in spring sees runners tackle distances of up to 40km, which is almost a full marathon. Feeling the sea breeze as you run can be exhilarating, but the race is still a difficult sporting challenge.

Sardine with Soy Pulp

Local people in Kujukuri-hama know and love various ingenious ways of preparing sardines. One dish is prepared by seasoning sardines with vinegar before filling them with soy pulp and adding a garnish. All the local sardine dishes require the cook to fillet the fish quickly while still fresh in order to preserve the flavor.