Strolling the Paths of Onomichi *RERUN
Onomichi is a town of hills and pathways, situated along a 200-meter-wide strait where waterways of the Inland Sea pass through. With the water so close, few flat areas are available, and the town grew on steep hillsides, spreading narrow paths in the process. Hilly byways where cars can't pass became places where people spend time and enjoy one another's company. Sounds of activity come from the houses, and fragrances waft through the air. Though life on a hillside can be inconvenient, people enjoy strong ties with their neighbors, and it's said that many young people move there to enjoy the lifestyle. This is the story of Onomichi, seen from its hillsides and byways.

Life in the Byways

Most houses are on hillsides. Because the water is so close, as the city's population grew, residences appeared on the slopes. The hill paths have a special character about them. Because cars can't pass through, it's a paradise for cats. Sometimes, garbage collectors have to hoist a carrying pole over their shoulders to take out the trash. And during the summer fireworks, the steep paths become perfect places to sit and watch.

The Onomichi Ropeway

The ropeway up from Senko-ji Park covers an altitude of 130 meters in 3 minutes. Anyone who's been to preschool in Onomichi has taken a field trip up it, where one can see the entire town from the top of the mountain. During the spring, old men and women make the trip up to see the cherry blossoms blooming. And at the destination, Senko-ji, one can take a moment to place their hands together for a prayer.

Restaurants that Cook with Ingredients Customers Bring

At an Okonomiyaki restaurant along a road where fishers live, one can still enjoy a unique system where customers can bring their own ingredients and have them made into fried rice. It's said that the custom arose from the wish to help out children whose parents are out fishing by giving those children a hot meal.