Spring in Kyoto - A Trip on a Little Local Train *RERUN
The Randen is the Kyotoites' pet name for a little, well-loved streetcar service. The Keifuku Electric Railroad's Arashiyama and Kitano lines are more than a hundred years old and have a combined length of only 11km. The Randen was originally built to carry Kyoto residents to the western capital's famed beauty spot of Arashiyama. Besides the scenic delights of Arashiyama and Sagano, it also passes many famous Buddhist and Shinto treasures now listed as World Heritage Sites, including the Ninna-ji temple in Omuro and much-acclaimed stone garden of Ryoan-ji. Above all, the Randen is loved for its popular flavor. We take a trip through western Kyoto on the little Randen at the most dazzling and invigorating time of the year, from the time of cherry blossoms into the season of new leaves.
The Keifuku Electric Railroad
In the Kamishichiken entertainment district
Mibu-dera Temple