The Amazing Powers of Milk
There are approximately 6,000 species of mammals on Earth, and all of them have one thing in common: they raise their young by nursing them with milk. Researchers studying this mysterious liquid have discovered that milk is "custom-made" with ingredients optimized for each species, and also revealed the clever mechanism in human breast milk that protects babies from disease. Based on the latter's research results, technological development is underway to make formula that is more like human breast milk. In this episode, we'll explore the origins of milk and its amazing powers among mammals.

A New Device to "Visualize" Discussion
Research on formula containing human milk oligosaccharides that protect babies is underway around the world
The world's first industrially produced human milk oligosaccharides
[J-Innovators] A recording device that can distinguish and analyze the speech of up to eight people
[J-Innovators] Mizumoto explaining the resulting data