Nanoscale Manufacturing with DNA Origami *RERUN
Research is being conducted on microscopic nanorobots that attack only cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed. This science fiction-like concept has been made possible by cutting-edge nanotechnology called DNA origami, which uses DNA as a "material" to create various shapes and devices, including tiny therapeutic robots as small as one-hundredth the size of a hair! Dr. Akinori Kuzuya, a Kansai University professor and researcher on DNA origami, joins us to discuss how this incredible technology works as well as the possibilities it holds for the world of medicine and other fields.
A computer graphic depicting the pliers-shaped DNA origami (shown in green) created by Dr. Kuzuya, prior to grabbing the target substance (shown in red)
Micrographs of actual DNA origami with the "pliers" shape. The "pliers" are shown open (left) and closed around the target material (right).