Developing a New Way to Fight Cancer - Molecular Biologist Atsuo Sasaki *RERUN
Atsuo Sasaki, associate professor at the University of Cincinnati discovered the metabolic mechanisms of cells which could open up new possibilities for cancer treatment. Guanosine triphosphate or GTP is the molecule that holds the key. Sasaki uncovered that a certain enzyme which reacted to GTP in cells acts as a "energy sensor" sending signals for cancer cells to grow. Furthermore, his recent study revealed the mechanism of nucleolus enlargement in highly malignant form of cancer cells, which had been a mystery for more than 100 years. Currently, he is conducting joint research to elucidate how his findings could be connected to metabolic diseases related to obesity. Find out how international collaboration is opening up potential uses for GTP research.
High-performance spectrometer used for Sasaki's research