Nagasaki - The Origin of Japan's Breakthroughs, Part 2 Coexistence with Active Volcanoes in Unzen Volcanic Area UNESCO Global Geopark *RERUN
2 special episodes of Science View filmed in Nagasaki Prefecture. Part 2 features points of interest in the Shimabara Peninsula located in the southern part of Nagasaki. In 2009, 3 places were designated as Japan's first Global Geopark including the entire Shimabara Peninsula, known as Unzen Volcanic Area UNESCO Global Geopark. Geoparks are areas with geological heritage of scientific value that actively promote educational activities and regional development. The Unzen Volcanic Area was recognized for its coexistence with active volcanoes. In this episode, we will visit "geosites" to learn about the major destruction caused by the eruptions of Unzen Volcano. Find out what new technology has come out of the experience as well as the blessings brought by the volcano.
Visitors can learn about the disasters caused by the eruptions of Unzen Volcano and the area's reconstruction efforts through various exhibits at Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall "Gamadas Dome."
The development of an unmanned construction technology using remote-controlled heavy equipment began at a construction site in the Shimabara Peninsula.