The Leading Edge: A New Magnesium Alloy Developed in Japan – Light, Strong, and Flame-Resistant!
Conventional magnesium alloys have the disadvantages of burning easily and lacking sufficient strength, so their use in practical applications was limited. Yet a new magnesium alloy born in Japan has been able to overcome those shortcomings. Not only is it flame-resistant, it's also lighter than duralumin and high in strength, attracting attention from industries across the world. Surprisingly, the person who developed this alloy was not an expert in magnesium but rather a researcher of another metal. After increasing the elements to be mixed with magnesium and trying more than 450 kinds of alloy blends, he found a combination that combined strength and flame-resistance, which led to the formation of the new magnesium alloy. Currently, research applying the new magnesium alloy in various fields are accelerating. How was this alloy created? We'll look at its development and the possibility it holds for the future.

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