Science View J-Innovators Special 2018: Saving Lives from Disasters with Japanese Technology
Takumi J-innovators is a popular segment on Science View, a regular program broadcast on NHK WORLD that features Japanese science and technology. This episode of Science View is a special edition on the theme of disaster prevention featuring several of those innovators. Japan is a country with some of the most natural disasters in the world. Its islands are where several of the earth's tectonic plates intersect and are in close proximity to the path of typhoons. Such frequent natural disasters have led the Takumi to develop specialized technology for disaster prevention.
We invited assistant professor Dr. Megumi Sugimoto, a specialist on disaster risk management and disaster prevention education at Kyushu University's Institute of Decision Science for a Sustainable Society, to join us as a commentator. While visiting the sites of natural disasters that have occurred in Japan since the Great East Japan Earthquake and sharing the voices of victims from those disasters, we'll introduce innovative disaster prevention technology that can play a role in reducing damage and aiding disaster victims.