Shaping the Future of Food through Home Composting: Home Composting Advocate - Taira Yuiko *RERUN
Taira Yuiko runs a firm promoting home composting as a sustainable solution to the large quantities of organic kitchen waste generated by most households. In just two years, her service providing stylish composting kits that keep unwanted bugs and odors in check and are compact enough even for urban apartments has grown its user base to over 20,000, and attracted interest from around the world. The firm also collects the resulting fertilizer for use promoting local agriculture and food cycles.
The aim is to set up sustainable local agriculture and food cycles
For some elderly users the regular collections and guidance provide much-needed social interaction
Besides household waste, Taira also turns seaweed into fertilizer
Taira's approach is even being used to produce vegetables in some unlikely settings, like the roof of this urban hotel