Avatar Robots and the Future of Workforce Inclusivity: Roboticist - Yoshifuji Ory *RERUN
Orihime, a desktop avatar robot created by Yoshifuji Ory based on his own experiences of long-term school absenteeism, lets those excluded from society by illness or disability communicate remotely. During the global pandemic, Orihime was also picked up as a proxy communication tool by businesses and local governments, and Yoshifuji has even developed a 1.2m mobile version which one Tokyo café is using to allow house- and bedbound individuals across Japan to work as remote serving staff.
Housebound individuals can use the robots to work remotely as restaurant servers
Against the backdrop of the pandemic, they are also being used as receptionists
These robots were developed by roboticist Yoshifuji Ory
One avatar robot user is Miyoshi Fumiko