Connecting the World through Japanese: Learning Platform Founder - Goto Manabu *RERUN
Across Japan, recent decades have seen a surge in the number of seniors living alone, with the issue of isolation further compounded by the pandemic. Goto Manabu operates a video chat service that connects seniors in need of meaningful interaction with foreign users eager to learn about Japanese language, culture and customs. And as well as promoting cross-border, cross-generational communication, the service also connects Japanese speakers with domestic firms in search of international talent.
The service connects people from Japan and overseas, such as these users from Taiwan (left) and Japan (right)
For this Japanese user, chat sessions are an enjoyable part of his daily routine
For these young people from Myanmar, the service provides a vital Japanese-language learning aid
The service is also helping to connect Japanese companies with overseas talent, such as this Taiwanese user taking part in an online job interview