Revitalizing Overlooked Communities: Glamping Pioneer - Hashimura Kazunori *RERUN
Hashimura Kazunori specializes in rejuvenating unlikely destinations as luxury glamping sites. Since his first venture, a secluded cove in Shizuoka Prefecture that now receives some 3,000 visitors per year, his model has helped revitalize various depopulation-hit areas, like one Gunma village where the unmanned local train station was reborn as a glamping hub, creating jobs and even attracting new residents. We follow his latest project, the transformation of an abandoned school in Fukuoka Prefecture.
This glamping complex in Gunma Prefecture was once an unmanned rural train station
His sites leverage the latest in modern tent technology
Glamping sites let patrons enjoy activities like barbecuing
The station cabin gained a new lease of life as a charming café