Sustainable Fisheries through Advances in Aquaculture: Aquaculture Innovator - Yamamoto Toshimasa *RERUN
In recent years, growth in the global aquaculture market has seen yields overtake traditional fisheries. But conventional aquaculture techniques are a source of pollution, and also susceptible to weather events. Professor Yamamoto Toshimasa of Okayama University of Science has solved these problems and increased yields through a sustainable new approach that enables faster growth at higher stocking densities, also providing a promising solution for poverty and food security in developing nations.
The key is condition-optimized artificial seawater and freshwater created using finely calibrated mineral blends
Fish in Yamamoto's condition-optimized water grow faster than in natural equivalents
There are high hopes for Yamamoto's methods as a sustainable source of one of Japan's favorite dishes: sushi
This 7kg grouper was farmed using Yamamoto's methods in Mongolia