Skills for the Post-Pandemic Job Market: E-Learning Innovator - Mori Kenshiro *RERUN
Mori Kenshiro is the creator of an online learning platform that equips adults with the skills they need to navigate Japan's pandemic-hit job market. Along with free livestreamed evening classes, and an interface that lets users ask questions and chat with classmates in real time, a small monthly fee gives access to thousands of archived lectures. And as well as individuals and businesses, Mori's firm is working with depopulation-hit areas to prepare them for the digital economy of the future.
Mori Kenshiro's service provides livestreamed classes all year round, with Mori himself also giving monthly lectures
His platform is also in use by educational institutes, enabling remote access to specialist courses
Some users even consume learning content on their daily commute
Local government and businesses in Amami Oshima have partnered with Mori's firm to develop a young workforce equipped for the digital economy of the future