Turning Surplus Ingredients into Craft Gin: Sustainable Distillery CEO - Yamamoto Yuya
In traditional sake brewing, sake lees is a major byproduct that is typically thrown away in large quantities. Yamamoto Yuya runs a distillery that is trying to change this by using these long-overlooked leftovers as a base for the production of craft gin, lending astonishing depths of aroma and flavor to the final product. And this sustainability conscious business also makes use of other surplus ingredients like cacao husks, coffee grounds, and beer that has gone unsold due to the pandemic.
One such ingredient is sake lees, a byproduct of the sake brewing process that is usually discarded in large quantities
Sake lees imbues the gin with a faint sweetness and complex aroma that are a perfect complement for various cocktails and mixers
Yamamoto's gin still
Yamamoto has also traveled to promote his products at overseas trade shows like this one in London