Pandemic Solutions through Self-Driving Technology: Mobility Innovator - Taniguchi Hisashi
Taniguchi Hisashi is CEO of a mobility services company that is tackling the pandemic through self-driving technology that facilitates social distancing. From automated trolley systems for mail-order warehouses experiencing a surge in orders, to robots that patrol and disinfect indoor facilities, and self-driving scooters aimed at mobility-impaired seniors, Taniguchi's aim is a society that leverages robots in every facet of our lifestyles.
These single-seater, self-driving mobility scooters carry users at a similar pace to walking
Leading-edge technology even enables these scooters to recognize and respond to traffic signals
The progress of each scooter is remotely monitored to ensure optimal safety
One Tokyo municipality has introduced the scooters as part of a subscription-based ride-share service