From Fallow Fields to Fermentation - Lina Sakai *RERUN
Lina Sakai is the mind behind a new bioethanol-based resource cycle that is revitalizing regional economies. In Iwate Prefecture, rice from once fallow fields is fermented to produce ethanol, which is used to create premium cosmetics. Post-fermentation grains are fed to local hens, improving the quality of their eggs. The model is also being applied to apples and millet grains, as Sakai works to promote regional revitalization through local production and consumption.
Sakai ferments rice to produce ethanol.
It's used as an ingredient in cosmetics.
Rice residue, a byproduct of the fermentation, is used as chicken feed.
Sakai has also begun using apple-derived ethanol in her products. It's just one of ten separate product development projects she is working on.