A God Never Wastes Nor Abandons: Toyoshima Masanobu, Yakiniku Restaurant Employee
Whether they're the Prime Minister or a famous celebrity, no one gets a reservation. With a wait in line sometimes as long as 3.5 hours, this yakiniku (Japanese barbeque) restaurant is famous for beef offal praised as the best in Japan. Toyoshima Masanobu (63), who runs the restaurant with his brother, is a pioneer who discovered the appeal of offal and made it widely known. Idolized as "The God of Offal," he works until dawn, pouring his heart and soul into preparing ingredients in order to bring out their strengths. Having lost his right-hand fingers in an accident as a child, he does most of his work with his left hand. We look at the life story of a man who was saved by offal, and continues to pursue challenges with offal.