A Cool Job Done by a Cool Man *RERUN
In Makurazaki, Kagoshima Prefecture is a katsuobushi (dried bonito) craftsman whose products sell for around $300 USD a kilogram, the highest price ever seen on the market. 40-year-old Sezaki Yusuke creates a flavor that attracts 3-star restaurant chefs both from Japan and around the world. Sezaki crafts the highest-quality Hongarebushi, following time-honored Japanese traditions. After nearly 6 months concentrating their umami flavor, his katsuobushi take on a jewel-like luster, and yield a broth that immensely magnifies the appeal of fellow ingredients. However, Sezaki once thought of leaving this job, unable to face his own weakness. We look at his story of hesitation and growth, as he pursues ever-greater heights.