My Work Is Never Done: Miyuki Nishimura, Medical Instrument Developer *RERUN
With blades a mere 2.4mm long, the micro-scissors developed by Miyuki Nishimura (69) have brought about a revolution in treating cancer. The smallest scissors in the world, these never-before-seen micro-scissors are used in endoscopic treatment. Nishimura's innovative imagination and preeminent skill set him apart as a craftsman, furthered by his belief "What you don't have, you make." Struck by acute cancer himself 11 years ago, Nishimura firmly believes in directly making a prototype rather than spending time planning. This determination as a craftsman has led him to begin developing a new pair of micro-scissors 25% smaller than the existing pair. We follow Nishimura as he immerses himself in his work, day in and day out.