Knives Made with Heart and Soul: Katsumi Sakashita, Knife Sharpener
This is what it means to achieve mastery! A knife sharpener apart from the rest, Katsumi Sakashita (76) breathes life into the knives he handles. Despite a two-year wait, over 200 knives are sent to him each year from chefs nationwide. One of his incredible techniques is an "air passage" that reduces contact with food to the absolute minimum. Although his fingers are gnarled and his teeth have fallen out, Sakashita pours his heart into every knife he works on. For half his life, his job's lowly status was met with insult and contempt, but the words of his mother inspired him to persevere. We cover his many battles, from specialized eel-cutting knives to a one-of-a-kind gift for a chef starting down a new road.