To See Them Smile: Yukako Fukushima, Cosmetic Prosthesis Maker
47 years old Yukako Fukushima is known as a pioneer in the field of cosmetic prostheses. She fabricates lifelike silicone body parts to replace those missing since birth, or lost or damaged due to illness or accidents. She has made more than 2,000 prostheses to date, realistically recreating blood vessels, wrinkles, and the quality of a person's skin. Her prostheses can improve quality of life, and even change a person's life. In July, a woman comes to Fukushima's workshop seeking a prosthesis especially for summertime footwear. In all Fukushima's years of experience, she has never received such a challenging request. Through untiring effort and skill, she strives to turn her client's tears into a smile.