Superfoods in Shimane - Clues to Becoming a Centenarian *RERUN
This is the second of 2 episodes in which nutritionist Erica Angyal travels to Shimane Prefecture to uncover the secrets to a long and healthy life. She learns about Egoma perilla, a herb containing a substance that turns into EPA and DHA when ingested. It suppresses chronic inflammation and improves cognitive function. Erica visits an elderly couple who helped to turn perilla into a local specialty. The program also analyzes the lifestyle and eating habits of a 99-year-old woman to understand the secrets to her health.
Egoma oil is a superfood which can make every dish richer
Meeting a wonderful couple who helped to turn Egoma into a local specialty
Dishes using Egoma oil, seeds and leaves improve health
We found clues to becoming a centenarian in this woman's daily activities