Superfoods in Shimane - Turning to Tradition for Health
This is the first of 2 episodes on longevity-enhancing superfoods in Shimane Prefecture. The death rates from diabetes and liver disease are very low among women in the prefecture. The program looks at how Shijimi clams, a local specialty, and konjac, a food that's been eaten since olden times, keeps the locals healthy. Many households store the shellfish in the freezer, as they're known to contain a liver-protecting substance. Konjac is full of fiber that controls blood sugar and cholesterol.
A delicious meal featuring Shijimi, Shimane's specialty.
"We've had a good catch this season!" a third-generation Shijimi fisherman says.
Konjac is a superfood which has been a part of Japanese cuisine since ancient times.
A konjac-making expert proves an exacting instructor for Erica.