Super-micro Surgery *RERUN
A Japanese surgeon can connect blood or lymph vessels less than 1mm. Supermicrosurgery specialist Takumi Yamamoto, 37, has done 10,000 sutures, reconstructing limbs and treating lymphedema, which had been thought to be impossible. Sensation returns to reconstructed limbs. Lymphedema, which often occurs as a result of cancer treatment, can be remedied by connecting extremely fine lymph vessels. This is made possible with 0.03mm needles made only by Japanese craftsmen.
The super-micro surgeon can suture lymph vessels which are less than 1mm thick
The patient's right thumb was reconstructed using his toes by super-micro surgery
Super-micro surgeon Dr. Yamamoto, who has handled 10,000 sutures, is a leading expert
Surgical needles for super-micro surgery, only 30μ wide, developed in Japan